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The Agency of Guides-Interpreters and Tour Escorts, Stéphane GRUNFOGEL " PAYSDOC.COM " listed in the RCS of TOULOUSE under N° 434 461 075,
hereafter called " SUPPLIER ",
The tour operator, coach company, business or individual, ordering the service,
Hereafter called "CLIENT",
Of which THE CLIENT declares to have full knowledge as well as the quotation and / or the description of the services he / she used to make his / her choice.

Article 1 - Definition of services

1. Guiding service

  1. It is defined by the client and written in the quotation which the client signs in order to make a reservation.
  2. The guiding service includes the supplying of a guide to escort and guide the tour.
  3. The guide will not in our structure offer driving services. If the client requests a driving guide, we will be providing a driver and a guide separately for safety reasons
  4. The guide’s transportation expenses involved to get to the meeting point and back shall becharged to the client.
  5. The supplier shall provide the client with a fully-qualified guide to allow the group the visit of historic monuments and museums.

2. Escorting service

  1. The tour escorts shall be at the disposal of the client from the departure time and place of the tour
  2. The escort’s transportation expenses involved to get to the meeting point and back shall be charged to the client.

Article 2 - Drawing of contract

The client confirms the reservation in sending back to the supplier a signed copy of the quotation with a written statement indicating his / her approval of the contract at least a fortnight prior to the beginning of the service.

Article 3 - Client’s obligations

1. Obligation of payment

1. Calculation of cost

  1. The service’s basic charge is calculated as indicated in the quotation.
  2. However, extra costs may be charged, with the client’s acceptance: they shall be charged either on the quotation or on the final invoice.

Extra costs generally are:

  • When a guide is hired for a full day, his / her midday lunch. If the guide’s lunch is not supported by the client, there shall be an extra cost of twenty (20) euros charged to the client.
  • Concerning escorting, the accommodation, full board, costs of visits and excursions are supported by the client from departure day to return day.
  • The entrance fees of the visited sites and monuments are supported by the client and can be introduced in the quotation if the client desires it.
  • The guide’s and escort’s transportation costs from their homes to the meeting point with the group. These costs shall be added to the invoice in addition to the cost of the service
  • If the case be, the expenses paid by the guide or the escort on behalf of the agency in order to fulfil his / her mission shall also be added to the invoice.
  • Extra costs for qualified guides authorised to perform guided visits of national monuments and museums.
  • Extra time if the duration of the service is extended and has not been predicted in the quotation.

2. Conditions of payment

  1. When reserving our services as indicated in Article 2, the client pays the supplier 100 % of the total charge mentioned in the quotation. If not, according to the law L92-1442 of December 31, 1992 and to our terms of sale, the client has a delay of 30 days after the service for the paiement.
  2. The remainder shall be paid on reception of the invoice by transfer or online by credit card.
  3. In case of delays in the payment and in accordance to the law L92-1442 of December 31, 1992 and to our conditions of sale, every payment made after 30 days shall rightfully leads to the payment of interests 40 euros + amounting to 1.5% per month and already included in the sum due, according to the conditions and minimum rates thus defined: 0% rate for every payment made prior to the conditions of application of payment of interests: 1.5% per month calculated on the net total of the invoice.
  4. According to the French law, if the client decides to buy our services, it automatically approves our terms of sales and paiement conditions.

2. Obligation of collaboration

The client shall provide the supplier with all the information necessary for the mission (for example: practical program) one week before the start of the mission, at the latest

He shall actively collaborate with the supplier:

  • In giving him, after checking out, all the information needed for the accomplishment of the mission or likely to facilitate its unrolling.
  • In answering quickly all enquiries presented by the supplier
  • In studying the documents and recommendations given by the supplier, and in giving his agreement or observations before the deadlines indicated in the contract
  • In controlling the services, object of the present contract.

Article 4 - Non-execution of the service

1. Cancellation

  1. Cancellation by the client
    The client can cancel the reservation by registered mail addressed to the supplier. The date taken into account is the date on which the supplier receives the registered mail.
    • If the cancellation occurs one (1) month before the scheduled date for the start of the service, the deposit shall entirely be paid back to the client by the supplier.
    • If the cancellation occurs a fortnight (15 days) before the scheduled date for the start of the service, 50 % of the deposit shall be paid back to the client by the supplier.
    • If the cancellation occurs less than a fortnight (15 days) before the scheduled date for the start of the service, the deposit shall not be paid back.
  2. Cancellation by the supplier
    If the supplier cancels the service before the actual mission, he shall inform the client on one hand and on the other hand, he shall either pay back the deposit or keep it as deposit for another mission.

2. Interruption during the mission

  1. Interruption by the client
    In case of interruption caused by a member of the group, the service shall be fully charged and there shall be no reimbursement whatsoever.
  2. Interruption by the supplier
    During the mission, if the supplier is unable to satisfactoraly accomplish the mission entrusted to him, he shall:
    • either suggest a replacement,
    • or in case of impossibility or client’s refusal for rightful reasons, the supplier shall reimburse the amount paid by the client.

3. Delay in the execution of the service

  1. If the group or the client is late, the supplier shall be informed as soon as possible.
  2. In that case, the supplier shall:
    • either shorten the visit except if the timetable of the guide or escort allows for an extra duration
    • or cancel the service made unfeasible because of the delay, in compliance with article 4. 1. 1 here-above noted
    • or suggest a replacement time and date
  3. The costs generated by the delay (notably meal and hiring costs) shall be supported by the client.

Article 5 - Litigations

  1. The present contract is submitted to French law. Concerning any litigation on the execution of the clauses of the present contract, both the supplier and the client acknowledge the competence of the Court of Commerce of TOULOUSE.
  2. Responsability
    Since the supplier is not contractually responsible for results, it befalls the client to prove the supplier’s failure to fulfil the contract. The supplier cannot be held responsible for minor disturbances.
  3. Resolutary clause
    Let it be noted that if the client has not completed the payment before the guide departs and / or if the client does not provide the supplier with the information necessary for the mission, the supplier shall be entitled to demand the rightful execution of the present contract without excluding compensation.

Article 6 - Clause of privacy

Both parties consider as strictly confidential all information, documents, data, ideas or concept they may have come across in the course of the present contract and they agree not to disclose them to any third party.

Article 7 - Insurance

PAYSDOC.COM has an insurance for professional civil responsability with the GENERALI France Insurance Company TOULOUSE, contract number : 56349703 C.